Domestic Violence


A charge of Domestic Violence, Domestic Abuse or having a Restraining Order issued against you is serious business and will follow you for the rest of your life.  You could lose your job, your reputation and custody of your children.  You need to deal with these charges immediately.  If you are falsely accused of these crimes, then having a board certified criminal defense lawyer on your side, like Mark Zimmerman, can make the difference.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence has many names:  Domestic abuse, spousal abuse, family violence, intimate partner violence, child abuse, courtship violence, and even stalking.  Domestic Violence or Abuse is defined as a pattern of violent physical or sexual behavior in a relationship by one partner against the other.  Domestic Violence itself is not a criminal charge.  It’s a way of describing a type of battery or assault charge between people who have a close relationship.  By adding “domestic” to the charges, it immediately makes the penalties for those crimes more severe.

What if I’m Falsely Accused of Domestic Abuse or Violence?

Domestic Abuse is treated very seriously by police and courts. The people who suffer through this abuse deserve justice and protection.  However, sometimes Domestic Violence charges can be used as leverage in a vindictive divorce or custody fight.   Police tend to err on the side of the victim, even if that person if not being truthful.   This is when you need a board certified criminal lawyer to defend you immediately.  From this moment on, the clock starts ticking on your reputation and your fitness as a father or mother.  Don’t ignore the charges or think that the truth will come out in court if you just wait.  That’s a make a mistake that can ruin your life
What is a Restraining Order/Protective Order? Can I fight it?

A judge can issue a restraining order or protective order when someone feels threatened by another person and believes they’ll be harmed.  These tend to go hand in hand with claims of domestic abuse or domestic violence.  You will be given an chance to tell the judge with your side of the story and why the order should not be placed against you.  Don’t do this alone.  You need to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you through this ordeal.

Why should Zimmerman and Zimmerman represent me?

These charges are serious.  You could lose your job, lose custody of your children, have your reputation ruined, and end up in jail.   Mark Zimmerman is board certified in criminal defense attorney.  He also worked as a state attorney for nearly a decade, so he understands the state’s legal strategies.  You can contact Mark Zimmerman at (941) 364-8503 or by filling out our online case review form.