Slip and Fall

Something as simple as falling in a store can have a major impact on your life. Can you afford to pay for the medical bills? What happens if you miss work? Why should you pay the bills from an accident that is not your fault? The answer is, you shouldn’t.

When is a retail store responsible for a slip and fall accident?

In Florida, the owner of a business has to make sure their property is safe. A wet floor without a warning sign, a display that blocks a walkway, or a damaged floor that hasn’t been fixed can cause an accident that the store is responsible for. The law is the same for a small business owner or a large big box retail store. However, in Florida the injured person has to prove that the store knew about these types of problems before they got hurt. That’s why slip and fall cases can be tough to prove without an experienced and aggressive personal injury lawyer.

What you should do if you have a slip and fall accident

  1. Get medical help for your injuries, if necessary, go to the hospital or emergency room and document your injuries.
  2. Report the accident to the property owner or store management.
  3. Get contact information for anyone involved, including any witnesses.
  4. Record the scene of the accident and whatever caused you to fall. Most of us have a cellphone with a camera; you can use that to take photos and even videos of the scene.
  5. Contact a personal injury lawyer experienced with slip and fall cases immediately.

What are some types of slip, trip and fall accidents?

• Wet or slippery floors
• Broken or uneven sidewalks
• Staircase accidents
• Falling products or poorly shelved merchandise
• Bad lighting
• Dangerous shelving
• Blocked Walkways

Attorney Laurie Zimmerman is Experienced Representing Premises Liability Cases

Some large retailers are unwilling to settle slip and fall cases, choosing instead to go to trial no matter who’s at fault. In many cases, stores and property owners won’t voluntarily pay damages in the case of a slip and fall. To recover any money, you’ll have to fight their insurance company to pay for your medical bills and lost wages.

Laurie Zimmerman spent years as an in-house attorney for Allstate Insurance, so she knows how these huge corporations work against you. The insurance companies have teams of attorneys on their side. You need someone working on your side. Call Laurie Zimmerman at (941) 364-8503 today for a free slip and fall case evaluation. If you have questions, fill out our online form at the top left of this page and we’ll get in touch right away.