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DUI Charges in Sarasota are Like 3 Cases in One

If  you’re facing a DUI charge in Sarasota,  Bradenton, or Venice,  it’s important that you understand the process that lies ahead of you.  While you might think that you only have one case to deal with, in fact you probably have three.  Let me explain.

  1. First you have your criminal case which will include the charge of DUI and any other additional criminal charges that stemmed from the incident.
  2. Second is any civil infraction which you may have been given during your arrest.  This could include speeding, careless driving, failure to maintain a single lane and a host of other potential citations.
  3. Third is an administrative law case against the DMV for the suspension of your driving privilege if you blew over the legal limit of .08 or refused to take a breath test.

These are complex matters with potentially devastating consequences if not handled properly.  Mishandling these issues could result in further loss of driving privileges, financial consequences and even jail time.  If you or someone you care about is charged with DUI in the Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice area, then call Zimmerman and Zimmerman for a free consultation so we can explain your rights, the legal process you will be facing and how we can fight the system and win.

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