Online Sex Crimes

Arrested and charged with an online sex crime? Was your car seized or taken from you because of the arrest? You need a defense attorney right now. Mark Zimmerman is a board certified criminal defense trial attorney with years of experience defending people charged with offenses ranging from sex abuse, underage solicitation, child pornography, and online sex crimes.


The internet makes it hard to know who is on the other side of the computer. It’s possible to misunderstand the other person’s intentions. People get caught up in computer sex crimes unknowingly when their computer is bombarded by pop-ups and website spam. When Police set up an online sting by pretending to be a minor, they can manipulate the conversation and turn it into a solicitation charge or a sexual predator charge. In these situations you may be a victim of entrapment.


Anyone charged with a sex crime faces years in prison if convicted. But before you ever face a judge, you’ll have to face the social and professional consequences of a sex charge, even if you’re innocent and acquitted. Mark Zimmerman understands the ripple effects of a sexual misconduct charge and will act quickly to defend your rights and limit the damage to your life. If you have been caught in a sting, we can help you figure out if your case involves entrapment. Even if the evidence is against you, an aggressive criminal defense attorney like Mark Zimmerman may be able to resolve your case without a conviction or with a favorable plea.


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